Managing Build Queue in TeamCity

We can have multiple build agents in TeamCity. So multiple builds can be run simultaneously on different agents. But sometimes, build agents are not enough to run the builds because at a time one agent runs only one build.

In this scenario, if you try to run extra build, that build is put in the build queue. Whenever the compatible agent is free, that build is assigned to that agent automatically. Below image shows how the build queue looks like in TeamCity.

Build queue in TeamCity

Build queue in TeamCity

Builds are picked from queue in ascending order to run. For example – in above image, build with id #1 will be run before build with id #2.

From build queue page, you can do below things.

  1. View all builds that are in the queue and also view who triggered it and expected time to start
  2. Configure build priorities
  3. Pause and resume build queue
  4. Remove specific build from the queue
  5. It also shows the name of agent on which specific build can run
  6. We can also reorder the position of the builds which helps us to run specific build early or delay it’s execution

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