Global settings in TeamCity

Global settings can be accessed from Administration page as shown in below image. These settings apply to all builds configured in the server. But you can override them in each build as well.

Here is the list of important settings.

  1. Server URL – You change the server url using this setting
  2. Maximum build artifact size – This is used to define the maximum size of the artifact created by any build. Any artifacts larger than this size will be deleted automatically.
  3. Build execution timeout – Default build timeout is 0 which means that there is no restriction on how long the build runs. But if you want any build to finish execution withing specific duration of time, you can specify that time duration here.
  4. Version control settings – Version control settings allow you to specify interval after which VCS should be polled for changes. If changes are detected, build will be triggered. But before adding build into queue, TeamCity waits for the specific duration called as quiet period. If more changes are detected during quiet period, VCS changes check interval starts all over again.


global settings in TeamCity

global settings in TeamCity

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