Web app deployment in bamboo

In this article, we are going to take a look at how to deploy war file to Tomcat using Bamboo. Here is the list of steps you need to follow.
  • Create a new build plan which will checkout the source code of web application from repository.
  • Use maven or gradle task to build and package the application. This will create the .war file in output directory.
  • Create a artifact definition to copy this war file and save on the server. Ensure that this artifact is shared.
  • Create a deployment project for this build plan.
  • Add tomcat deployment task to deploy the .war file
Follow below steps
  • Add maven package task in Bamboo
  • Create war artifact in Bamboo
Then you have to create a new deployment project for this build. You will find the button to create new deployment project in build plan configuration - Stages tab. You need to configure the Deploy Tomcat Application task..
  • Tomcat Manager url – By default it is https://localhost:8080/manager
  • You need to also provide the username and password for tomcat manager
  • Finally you have to give application context path

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