It is like a class where we define constants. We can declare constants using final keyword but it is not meaningful. So we use enums. Enums are also type-safe. Another advantage of using Enum is that we can declare methods as well as constructors in Enum. Below example demonstrates how we can use Enums in Java. We have created 2 Enums with names Coins and CoinsWithMethods. Since Enums are constant expressions, we can also use them in switch statement.

package enums;

 * Created by ssalunke on 13/04/2016.
public class TestEnums {

    public static void main(String [] args){

        Coins c = Coins.FIVE;

        //We can use enum in Switch statement as shown in below code
        switch (c) {
            case ONE:
                System.out.println("You selected Coin type - ONE");
            case FIVE:
                System.out.println("You selected Coin type - FIVE");
            case TEN:
                System.out.println("You selected Coin type - TEN");

        CoinsWithMethods c1 = CoinsWithMethods.FIVE;

        //below line accesses the method of enum
        System.out.println("Year of Coin 5 is - > " + c1.getCoinYear());


enum Coins{

enum CoinsWithMethods {

    private int coinYear;

    private CoinsWithMethods(int a){
        coinYear = a;

    int getCoinYear(){
        return this.coinYear;

Here is the output of above code.

You selected Coin type – FIVE
Year of Coin 5 is – > 2005

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