call, apply and bind in javascript

call, apply and bind methods are used to invoke a method on specific object


call allows you to execute the given method on given object. This way object can call third party method.


apply method is same as call with only one difference - apply method takes arguments in the form of array.


with bind method, called method does not return immediately. But we get other method which we can call later with extra parameters when available.

let user1 = {"name":"sagar", "id":"123"}

let user2 = {"name":"Donald", "id":"444"}

let printName = function (){
    console.log('User details ',, arguments)

//call,"C", "C++"),"Java", "Python")

printName.apply(user1,["C", "C++"])
printName.apply(user2,["Java", "Python"])

let f1 = printName.bind(user1,"C", "C++")

// f1();

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