Software development models

Software development model represents the overall approach to the software development process. Here is the list of software devlopment models.
  • Waterfall
  • Iterative - After each iteration, the product may not be in usable state
  • Spiral - combination of waterfall and iterative
  • V shaped - Testing and development in progress
  • Agile - requirements keep changing, Minimum viable product as soon as possible

Scrum - Agile model

Scrum is an agile, iterative, incremental framework for managing product development. Scrum has timeboxed iterations. Each iteration is called as a sprint and may take a week to month. Everyday there are standup meetings and they are called as daily scrums. In scrum, there are mainly 3 roles – product (Business) owners, scrum master and development team. Roles of scrum master is to manage the sprint process and not people (unlike project manager). Scrum framework involves sprint planning, daily scrums, sprint review and retros. Sprint board is used when work is planned. Kanban board is used for maintainance type of project where the work is not planned. Kanban is a lean method.

Web development and Automation testing

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