Automation testing tools

Here is the list of most widely used tools and languages
  • Selenium and Appium - Java, C Sharp, Ruby, Python, Node.js, PHP
  • LeanFT - Java, C sharp
  • UFT - VB Script
  • Ranorex - C sharp
  • Katalon
  • TestComplete


Selenium is an open source browser automation testing tool. We can automate all major browsers using Selenium like Chrome, Firefox, IE and Safari. Here is the list of main features of Selenium
  • Open source tool
  • Vibrant community
  • Record and playback plugin available for Firefox
  • Tests can be written in many languages like Java, C#.Net, Node.js, Python, Ruby, PHP etc
  • cross platform
  • Simultaneous execution of tests using Selenium Grid


Appium is an industry leading tool to automate applications based on platforms like
  • Android
  • iOS
  • Firefox OS
  • Main features of Appium are give below.
  • Open source tool.
  • Uses standard webdriver protocol.
  • Same code can be used to test on Android and iOS devices due to same interface.
  • Appium is basically a server which accepts http requests. It is the mediator between test code and mobile device. It gets the requests from test and sends commands to the device. Device executes these commands and sends response back to the Appium.


Katalon is a new test tool. It is being widely adopted by Fortune 500 companies. Main features of Katalon are -
  • Supports web service testing
  • Supports mobile app testing
  • Supports website testing
  • Uses Groovy as a scripting language
  • Integration with git, jira, slack
  • Website Recorder


Jmeter is a performance testing tool. Here is the list of key features of Jmeter.
  • ability to create multiple users and scale the load over a period of time
  • test HTTP and HTTPS requests
  • test JDBC connection performance
  • test FTP connections
  • test REST and SOAP services
  • Parameterize the variables
  • Assertions - Verification of responses
  • Automatic Cookie Management
  • Generation of test results


LeanFT stands for Lean Functional testing. This is a tool developed by HP and very similar to the Ranorex. Key points to note about LeanFT are given below.
  • It’s a licensed tool.
  • Developed by HP in 2015.
  • It’s light version of UFT (QTP).
  • With LeanFT, you can write tests in .Net language as well as Java.
  • LeanFT plugin are available for Visual Studio and Eclipse.
  • LeanFT uses description programming as well as Application models to identify the objects.


Ranorex can be used to test web, desktop and mobile apps. We can use C#.Net or VB.Net as a programming language to write the tests. Here is the list of main features of Ranorex
  • Identification of objects using RanorexPath expressions. Similar to Xpath
  • Object spy to learn object properties
  • Recorder to generate the scripts automatically
  • Object spy to learn object properties
  • Supports testing of Java, .Net, Delphi, WPF forms, Flash, Flex, Silverlight components, all major browsers and iOS and Android apps as well
  • It's a licensed tool and runs only on Windows OS


UFT stands for Unified Functional Testing tool. Main features of UFT are mentioned below.
  • developed by HP.
  • runs only on Windows.
  • earlier known as QTP.
  • VBScript is used for writing the tests.
  • UFT can be used to automate applications developed in various platforms like Web, Java ,
  • .Net, WPF, Database, Web services, SAP, Oracle, Siebel, PeopleSoft, Delphi, Power Builder, Stingray,
  • Terminal Emulator, Flex, Mobile applications, VisualAge, Silverlight, mainframe and terminal emulators.


TestComplete is a function testing tool developed by Smartbear company. We can test windows, web and mobile applications using TestComplete. It is a licensed tool. Here is the list of salient features of TestComplete.
  • Record and playback
  • Scripting in various languages like JavaScript, Python, VBScript, VB etc
  • Data driven, keyword driven testing
  • Distributed Testing
  • Integration with BugZilla, Jira
  • COM based architecture..So We can automate the TestComplete itself.
  • Support for many technologies like Xamarin, Adobe, HTML5, Silverlight etc.

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