Automation testing Question and Answers

Here are the most frequently asked questions in Automation tester interviews.

Tell me about yourself

What is difference between explicit and implicit synchronization?

Explain how to design automation framework?

What are your current role and resposibilities?

What are your Strong and weak qualities / Points?

What are the challenges you faced?

What is BDD testing?

How to run tests in cloud?

How to calculate ROI?

Explain software development model you used in your project.

Tester role experience requirements

Different Job requirements need different skills. Here is the requirement of one of the roles in Australia.

  • Version control - Git and Github
  • Language - Java - Gradle
  • Front end testing - Selenium
  • Backend testing - API - Postman
  • Performance centre - Jmeter
  • CI server - Jenkins
  • Messaging Queue - Kafka (distributed and pub sub) vs RabbitMQ, Activemq, IBM MQ

How Kafka is different than other mq servers

  • Kafka is based on pub sub model vs JMS based
  • In Kafka, Order of message is maintained
  • Kafka can have Multiple consumers
  • Kafka is Distributed
  • Message retention

What is digital transformation

Transforming and simplifying existing processes in organisation using digital technology is called as digital transformation. It may involve
  • Converting paper based processes to digital
  • Automation of processes
  • Launching products like mobile apps
  • Migration of web apps using latest tech stack
  • Using cloud based tech

What is service virtualiasation

What is difference between monothilic apps and micro services based apps

  • In monolithic apps, small changes will need redeployment and testing of whole package hence it is more time consuming and costly
  • In micro-services based apps, we can redeploy specific service and scaling is easy. No need to scale all services. We can scale specific service.

Web development and Automation testing

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