Automation tester onboarding guide

When you join a new company as an automation engineer, you will need to complete below steps. These steps will differ slightly for each company but most of the process is similar.
  • Get login credentials for Windows or Mac. First time you login, you will need to change password and would have to enable 2FA authentication if organization is using Microsoft 365 to manage the users. To work remotely, VPN connection is necessary. To create VPN connection from company laptop, you will need to install RSA mobile app to get token. To create VPN connection from personal laptop, you will need to use VDI (using citrix worlspaces) along with RSA token.
  • Complete manadatory e-learning course. This is required for compliance purpose. Each company needs you to complete these trainings before due date.
  • Get familiar with organization structure, teams, team members and their roles
  • Get familiar with IT service desk process - Raise requests to get access to database systems and tools like SOAPUi, QC, Jira, Jenkins. You will also need to raise requests to install tools like UFT and other applications under test.
  • Get admin access on local system or create developer account. This is necessary to install softwares like IntellIJ IDEA, VSCode or Microsoft Visual Studio.
  • Make sure you have been given access to chat applications like Teams, skype or Slack and you have been added to correct group or team.
  • Make sure you can access emails and setup signature for your account. Also make sure that your email address has been added in specific testing or project group so that you will get project updates. Also ask your manager to send the relevant project meeting invites like daily standups, retros etc.
  • Setup version control like git or TFS. Setup git and clone git repo on local machine - You will need to create ssh key pairs and then with the help of devops engineer, save public key on git server. This is also a time to understand branching strategy, coding conventions and review process.
  • Testing process - Once you have access to QC/Jira/sharepoint/confluence/Azure, you will need to setup meeting with project member/tester to understand how the project is setup, where you can find requirements, how requirements are linked to test cases, what conventions are used to write tests, how to execute tests locally and in cloud, how ci-cd works, how to raise defects and how reports are generated etc.
  • Try to understand the release process - this is very important step. Ask questions about release schedule and testing environments like Integration, UAT, Preprod and get access to these environments, what tests are run during smoke and regression phase.
  • Try to understand project priorities and ask manager to assign small task to begin your testing journey at new company.

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