How to make viral videos

Here is the list of some of the tips that can help you make high quality videos.
  • Great script/Content/Topic – Crux of any video is the content. No matter what the quality of your video, if it does not have good content, people will not like it.
  • Appealing Video thumbnail – When people search for videos on Youtube, first thing that they see is thumbnail of the video. If your videos has a great thumbnail, users are more likely to click on your video.
  • Well begun is half done – Remember that if you start well with lot of energy, users are more likely to watch your videos till end.
  • Step by step explaination – Users prefer watching videos that are designed systematically and step by step.
  • Best camera and lens – Use the best Camera available out there in the market. Most DSLR cameras offer nice quality and effects. Quality also depends upon what kind of lens you use for recording your videos.
  • Professional video/audio editing tools – After raw footage is created, you need to edit it professionally.
  • Useful description about the video – Youtube also ranks the videos based on description. So provide good description about video topic.
  • Engage with users – Ask your subscribers about thier thoughts on your video. Get feedback and try to improve in next video. Ask your subscribers to like the video and share with friends. Youtube will rank your video if your video has more likes and shares. Ranking also depends upon watch time. So make sure that video has great content from the start to end.

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