Exposure traingle to photography

3 settings of photography (also called as Exposure triangle) are
  • Shutter speed
  • aperture
  • ISO

Shutter speed

Shutter speed indicates the amount of time shutter is open. To capture the waterfall, you need to use low shutter speed ( may be 1 sec). To capture the crisp image of moving object, you need to use high shutter speed (1/1000) of second. Sports mode will change the settings so that you can capture the moments nicely.


It is nothing but the size of the opening in the lens. It is measured in f-stops.
  • f/1.8 means large aperture. It means shallow depth of field. This means that only near by objects in your picture will be in focus remote objects will be blurred. This is required in portrait photography where you want to capture only specific object. Foreground of the picture is in focus while background is blurry.
  • f/16 means small aperture. It means large depth of field. This means most of the objects in your picture will be in focus. This is required in landscape photography where you want to capture maximum number of objects. Foreground and background of the picture both are in focus.
Camera can have manual focus and auto focus mode. AF-Continuous and AF-Servo modes is used to keep a moving subject constantly in focus.


It determines the sensitivity of sensor to the light.To take the shots in low light, increase ISO. White balance will let you adjust the settings for getting pictures with true colors. Sometimes, pictures comes with different shade colors. So this can be avoided by adjusting the white balance. Low ISO is used in better light conditions. High ISO is used in low lights. But it will bring noise in the image.

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