Lens types photography

here are mainly 2 types of lenses based on the focal length.
  • Zoom lens(Focal length varies)
  • Prime lens (Focal length is fixed)
A lens can have major impact on the field of view, quality and blur effect. Lenses can also be categorized based on field of view
  • Macro lenses
  • Normal lenses
  • Wide angle lens (Fish eye lens)
  • Telephoto lenses
Kit lens term is used to refer to the lens that comes with brand new Camera. Lots of camera manufacturing companies provide kit lenses with Camera. Kit lenses are very basic. So if you want to get better quality, I will advise you to buy high quality expensive lenses. Here is the list of lens manufacturers.
  • Nikon
  • Canon
  • Sigma
  • Tamron
  • Tokina
  • Vivitar

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