Hardware commands in windows command prompt

Here is the list of hardware commands in Windows command prompt.

msconfig command in Windows

msconfig command opens the GUI window where you can see boot order, services information of the system. It also has a tab called as tools that displays all important utility commands like msinfo32.

systeminfo command in Windows

systeminfo command displays entire information of the system like host name, network cards, memory, BIOS, time zone, processor etc.

Remote desktop connection using mstsc command

You can launch remote desktop connection window using mstsc command.

Find the OS version

You can use “ver” command to find out the version of windows operating system you are running.

chkdsk command

chkdsk command is used to find out any errors on the disk and fix them.

diskpart command

diskpart command is used to manage the disk partitions.

driverquery command

driverquery command displays all drivers installed on the system.

powercfg command

This command is used for power configuration of your system. It allows you to list all power schemes, delete specific power scheme, enable and disable hibernation and generate battery usage report etc. For example – below command will list all power schemes from the system.

VOL command

vol command is used to display the volume label of the disk.

Mode command

This command shows the display settings. We can also configure ports etc.

Label command

This command allows you to add, remove and edit the volume labels of the disk.

Format command

This command is used to format the drive. Be careful before you execute this command as all data from that drive is wiped out.

convert command

convert command is used to convert the FAT file system to NTFS

Date and time commands

date and time commands show current date and time of the system. You can also modify the date and time of the system using same command. If you do not want to specify new time or date, you can press ctrl+c hotkey to break out of the command.

regedit command


regedit command is used to edit the registry settings of the system. It launches the GUI window that allows you to view, edit and delete the registry keys of the system.

net start command


“net start” command is used to list all running services in the system.

shutdown command

shutdown command is used to shut down, restart, hibernate, log off. For example – you can use below command to restart the computer.
shutdown /r

To shut down computer, you can use below command.
shutdown /s

To log off from computer, you can use below command.
shutdown /l

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