Introduction to windows command prompt

Windows command prompt allows you to talk to the windows operating system through console. Windows command prompt is equivalent to the Linux shell like BASH. Key things to note while working with windows command prompt are given below.
  • was widely used as a command prompt in old OS like MSDOS
  • Commands are not case sensitive.
  • We can use Tab key to auto complete the files and directories.
  • If there is a space in file or directory name, you need to enclose it in double quotes.
You can start the windows command prompt by typing cmd.exe in Run box in windows system. Or you can directly double click on below file to start the command prompt.You can type the commands in this command prompt window.

%windir% is a environment variable pointing to the windows installation directory (for example – C:\Windows). After you run the cmd.exe, you will see below window.

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