Limitations and drawbacks in UFT

Here are the drawbacks of UFT.
  • Installing UFT and integration with ALM can land you in big trouble. In one of the projects, I was annoyed due to ALM connection issues and on the top of it, I did not have admin rights on my laptop so things went wrong horribly. Specifically I was not able to install ALM platform loader (This issue was fixed after platform loader was whitelisted by Admin). Apart from this, there are several issues with respect to browsers, add ins and other connectivity tools.
  • It can be used only on windows. It can not be used on Linux and Mac OS X.
  • VBScript is not as popular as Java and C#.Net. LeanFT allows coding in C#.Net and Java but does not support all technologies.
  • It is a licensed tool. So it is very costly.

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