Directory structure in UFT

When we save the UFT test, a separate directory is created. In below image, UFT test with name Excel is displayed. There are 2 actions in this test - Action 1 and Action 2. Every UFT test has one default action with name - Action 0. This action contains the sequence in which other actions are called. In our example, Action 0 - script.mts file contains below statements. So when we run the test, Action1 is called and then Action2 is called. To execute these actions in reverse order, you will have to swap these statements.
RunAction “Action1”, oneIteration
RunAction “Action2”, oneIteration

Note that we also have Default.xls file in below test directory. This file is imported in the Datatable of UFT test at run time.Each action contains below files and one Snapshots directory. ObjectRepository.bdb file contains the object information for specific action. Script.mts file contains the code to be executed in this action. Snapshots directory contains the snapshots saved by this action. and ObjectRepository.bdb are binary files so you can not view it in notepad.Some of the important extensions in UFT that you must know are given below.
  • .vbs - vbs library file
  • .qfl - UFT library file
  • .qrs - recovery scenario file
  • .tsr - Shared object repository

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