Mobile automation test strategy

Important points to remember when writing test plan or strategy for mobile automation.

  1. Which platforms will be covered - Android, iOS, Windows, Firefox OS
  2. Which versions of the platform will be tested
  3. What all device types (Tablets, Phablets, Phones, iPads) to be covered?
  4. Testing on which Device orientation - Portrait or landscape Orientation.
  5. Which automation technology to use - XCUiTest, Espresso, UiAutomator or Selendroid
  6. Which tool to use - Appium, Ranorex, Robotium, MonkeyRunner, UFT Pro or LeanFT
  7. In-house or cloud based setup? - Browserstack, saucelabs, experitest, applitools, AWS device farms
  8. Which language to use for writing tests - Java, Python, JavaScript, C#.Net, PHP, Ruby
  9. Which type of framework to be used - Page object model, Unit testing framework?
  10. Which CI server to use? - Azure devops, Teamcity, Bamboo or Jenkins?
  11. Types of testing - functional, non-functional (load testing, Accessibility)

Web development and Automation testing

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