Appium Interview Questions and answers

Explain Appium architecture

Appium uses Selenium Webdriver JSON protocol. Client sends commands to Appium server. Appium server then talks to Mobile agent (WDA - Webdriver agent) on the mobile device. Webdriver agent then finally converts the commands to native app calls (XCUiTest, UiAutomator etc).

What is the significance of noReset and fullReset capabilities?

with fullReset set as true, app under test will be uninstalled and installed every time you run the tests. with noReset set as false, only app data is deleted in each run.

difference between hybrid app and native app?

Hybrid app contains webview control. Native app does not contain webview control.

difference between UI Automator and Espresso

UI Automator is used to automate the single and multiple android apps. Espress is used to automate single app. Espresso is faster than UI Automator.

How to inspect UI elements in apps?

UI AutomatorViewer is used to inspect android apps. Appium inspector is used to inspect iOS apps.

Web development and Automation testing

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