API in leanft in Java

Some of the most important packages and classes in LeanFT API are mentioned below.
  • com.hp.lft.report – Reporter class can be used to dump data in report
  • com.hp.lft.sdk – Core functionality
  • com.hp.lft.sdk.insight – used to identify the objects based on images
  • com.hp.lft.sdk.apitesting.uft – UFT API used in LeanFT
  • com.hp.lft.sdk.java – API to automate Java application (Swing/AWT etc)
  • com.hp.lft.sdk.mobile – API to automate mobile applications
  • com.hp.lft.sdk.sap.gui and com.hp.lft.sdk.sap.ui5 – API to automate SAP applications
  • com.hp.lft.sdk.stdwin – API to automate Standard windows applications
  • com.hp.lft.sdk.utils – helper methods
  • com.hp.lft.sdk.web – API to automate Standard Web applications
  • com.hp.lft.sdk.winforms and com.hp.lft.sdk.wpf – API to automate .Net applications
  • com.hp.lft.unittesting and com.hp.lft.unittesting.datadriving – API to work with Unit testing framework of LeanFT
  • com.hp.lft.verifications – It provides Verify class that can be used to assert the expected values

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