List of hot coins and cryptocurrencies

Here is the list of Hot cryptocurrencies sorted by market cap as of dec 2017.
  • Bitcoin – BTC – released in 2009 based on SHA-256d hashing algorithm and PoW blockchain
  • Ethereum – ETH – released in 2015 based on Ethash and PoW
  • Bitcoin Cash – BCH – fork of bitcoing released in 2017 based on SHA-256d hash and PoW blockchain
  • IOTA – IOT – based on tangle technology released in 2015 based on SHA-3 hash and Directed acyclic graph
  • Ripple – XRP – released in 2013 based on ECDSA hash and Consensus blockchain
  • Litecoin – LTC – released in 2011 based on Scrypt and PoW
  • Dash – DASH – released in 2014 based on X11 and PoW
  • NEM – XEM – Like ethereum and ripple – released in 2014 based on SHA3-512 and POI
  • Monero – XMR – released in 2014 based on CryptoNight and PoW
  • Ethereum Classic – ETC – released in 2015 based on Ethash hash and PoW
  • cardano – ada – currency – platform like ethereum
  • Binance coin – coin for binance exchange
  • Bread Coin – coin for bread wallet
  • eidoo – token for eidoo wallet
  • Stellar – fork from Ripple…many tie ups in developing nation companies
  • NEO – just like ethereum..This is very popular in China
  • EOS – just like ethereum
  • Qtum -just like ethereum
  • Waves – just like ethereum
  • Ignis –
  • Monero – just like bitcoin
  • DASH – Xcoin – Dark Coin – Just like Bitcoin cash – low fee – fast tranxs
More information can be found on Now let us see the difference between bitcoin, ethereum, IOTA, Ripple, Litecoin, Dash, NEM and Monero.
  • There are only 21 millions of bitcoins that can be mined. Smallest unit of one bitcoin is called as Satoshi. Main purpose of bitcoin is to transfer the money in digital format in such a way that it is fast, decentralized and cheap. Bitcoin transactions are confirmed in minutes. Bitcoin uses SHA-256d hashing algorithm.
  • Ethereum is an open-ended decentralized software platform. It’s actually a programming language (Turing complete) running on a blockchain. We can develop SmartContracts and Distributed Applications using Ethereum. Ethereum transactions are confirmed in seconds. Ethereum uses Ethash algorithm.
  • IOTA uses tangle technology. There are no transaction fees. It uses directed acyclic graph. Maximum IOTA coins will be 2779530283277761. These are also called as tokens. You can not mine IOTA. IOTA is mainly focusing to solve IoT (Internet of Things) problems.
  • Ripple supports cross-currency fiat payments as well. Currency is considered as debt. Ripple transactions are confirmed within 15 seconds. There are maximum 100 billion Ripples.
  • LiteCoins have a maximum limit of 84 million. Scrypt is the hash algorithm. Mean block time is 2.5 minutes.
  • Transaction confirmations are very fast as compared to bitcoin.

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