ERC20 wallets in cryptocurrencies

ERC20 token standard requires that ethereum contract must implement certain methods and events as mentioned below.
  • totalSupply() – total number of tokens
  • balanceOf(address) – gets the balance of address
  • allowance(address tokenOwner, address spender) – returns the remaining tokens
  • transfer(address to, uint tokens) – returns true if tokens were transfered successfully
  • approve(address spender, uint tokens) – returns true if tokens were approved successfully
  • transferFrom(address from, address to, uint tokens) – returns true if tokens were transferred from A to B successfully
  • event Transfer – gets called when transfer is happening
  • event Approval – gets called when approval is happening
Not all wallet accounts can handle smart contracts. Here is the list of ERC20 wallets.
  • eidoo – App based –
  • imToken – App based wallet – focused on chinese customers –
  • MetaMask (Firefox and Chrome browser addon) –
  • Mist (Desktop)
  • Parity (Desktop)
All ethereum addresses on exchanges are incompatible with ERC20. So never send currencies from exchanges to ICOs. Here is the list of some of the major projects based on ERC20 standard.
  • Qtum
  • OmiseGo
  • EOS
  • Populous
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