ICOs in cryptocurrencies

Just like how companies raise capital in primary market (IPO), these days start ups are raising capital using ICOs. Through ICO, companies can raise money required for growth. You can visit https://www.coinschedule.com to track which ICOs are currently in progress and which are coming up. Most of the ICOs use ethereum smart contracts to raise the money. Tokens are issued to investors through smart contracts and finally anyone can buy/sell tokens on exchange where token is listed. Examples of 2017 ICOs
  • Filecoin (Distributed file sharing platform) raised $257 million in 2017
  • EOS (Used for deployement of Dapps) raised $180m
  • Bancor raised $153m. This is a liquidity network
  • Status – Mobile OS
  • Kin – currency for use on social media
  • MobileGo – Mobile gaming platform

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