Important files and directories in Linux System

Here is the list of important files and directories in Linux System

  1. /proc/stat : This file stores current system information.
  2. /proc/meminfo : This file shows Memory Information.
  3. /proc/filesystems : This file stores file system information.
  4. /proc/cpuinfo : This file stores CPU information.
  5. /usr/sbin : This directory stores binaries required for system administration.
  6. /etc/resolv.conf : This file store DNS information of the system.
  7. /etc/passwd: This file stores user information like user id, default shell, directory of user etc.
  8. /etc/group : This file stores information of all groups in the system.
  9. /etc/hosts: This file stores the list of known hosts.
  10. /etc/fstab : This file stores static file system information.
  11. /etc/crontab : This file stores all cron jobs.
  12. ~/.bashrc  : This file contains script to be executed at the beginning of shell terminal.
  13. ~/.profile : This file contains the script to be run for login shells.
  14. ~/.bash_history : This file contains all history commands.
  15. ~/.bash_logout: This file contains script which gets executed when shell exits.


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