Specflow in leanft in C sharp

We can integrate the LeanFT tests with SpecFlow very easily. Please follow below steps.
  • Install SpecFlow extension for Visual Studio.
  • Add SpecFlow and SpecFlow Runner nuget packages in LeanFT project references.
  • Add feature files and step definitions.
  • Execute the scenarios.
Here is the sample feature file. In this feature file, there is a one scenario. We are checking that title of the notepad contains notepad word.
Feature: Notepad feature
Scenario: Verify Notepad title
	Given NotePad is open
	Then I verify that title contains "Notepad" word

Then here is the step definition file for above feature file. Note that we have added LeanFT code in the steps.
using HP.LFT.Report;
using HP.LFT.SDK;
using HP.LFT.SDK.StdWin;
using Microsoft.VisualStudio.TestTools.UnitTesting;
using System;
using System.Diagnostics;
using TechTalk.SpecFlow;

namespace LeanFtTestProject1
    public class NotepadFeatureSteps
        IWindow notepadWindow;
        [Given(@"NotePad is open")]
        public void GivenNotePadIsOpen()
            SDK.Init(new SdkConfiguration
                ServerAddress = new Uri("ws://localhost:5095")
            ReportConfiguration r = new ReportConfiguration();
            r.IsOverrideExisting = true;
            r.Title = "My LeanFT Report";


            Process appProcess = new Process
                StartInfo = { FileName = @"C:WindowsSystem32
otepad.exe" }

            notepadWindow = Desktop.Describe<IWindow>(new WindowDescription
                WindowClassRegExp = "Notepad",
                Index = 0
        [Then(@"I verify that title contains ""(.*)"" word")]
        public void ThenIVerifyThatTitleContainsWord(string p0)
            String title = notepadWindow.WindowTitleRegExp;

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