Common issues in leanft in C sharp

I have listed down common issues and solutions that you may encounter while working with LeanFT.
  • HP.LFT.Communication.SocketClient.CommunicationException: Connect: Failed to connect to LeanFT runtime engine on….This exception comes when LeanFT runtime engine is not running. Just start the engine and this error should vanish.
  • HP.LFT.SDK.GeneralLeanFtException: An Internal problem has occurred, please make sure the LeanFT sdk was properly initialized….This exception comes when you have not initialized LeanFT sdk. To get rid of this exception, add below lines at the beginning of the code. SDK.Init(new SdkConfiguration());
  • Object not unique – This exception comes when LeanFT finds more than one object matching the description. To fix this issue, you need to add more properties so that only one object is identified.
  • Object not found – This exception comes when LeanFT is not able to find the object in the application. To fix this issue, ensure that object really exists in the application and you are using correct description to identify the object.

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