LeanFT, Selenium and Ranorex Comparison

Based upon my experience, I can say that LeanFT and Ranorex are equivalent in terms of features. Difference between Selenium and LeanFT
  • Biggest difference between Selenium and LeanFT (and Ranorex) is that Selenium can only support automation of web pages and not windows applications. But LeanFT and Ranorex can automate the windows and forms very easily along with web application.
  • Another major difference between Selenium and other 2 tools is that Selenium is free!
Difference between LeanFT and Ranorex
  • LeanFT is developed by HP while Ranorex is developed by Ranorex Gmbh.
  • Ranorex coding can be done only in C#.Net While LeanFT can be coded in C#.Net as well as Java.
  • Ranorex uses xpath to identify objects in windows as well as web applications. LeanFT uses property value pairs to identify the objects in Windows apps. LeanFT also supports xpath in web applications.

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