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Various repo strategies in software projects

Monorepos and Turborepo are both approaches to managing codebases with multiple projects or components within a single repository, but they differ in their implementation and focus. Here's a comparison between Monorepos and Turborepo:


Description: A Monorepo (short for monolithic repository) is a single repository that contains multiple projects, packages, or components. Each project or component can have its own folder structure, dependencies, and versioning.

Key Features:




Description: Turborepo is an extension of the Monorepo concept with a focus on optimizing development workflows, especially for large-scale projects. It typically includes tooling and practices that enhance performance and scalability within a Monorepo setup.

Key Features:



Choosing Between Monorepo and Turborepo

Other types of repos

1. Single Repository per Project

2. Microservices Repositories

3. Component-Based Repositories

4. Forking Workflow

5. Git Submodules

Published on: Jul 08, 2024, 03:43 AM  


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