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Cloudflare Runtime, Edge runtime, and Node.js runtime

To clarify the distinctions between Cloudflare Runtime, Edge runtime, and Node.js runtime, let's break down each one:

1. Cloudflare Runtime

Cloudflare Runtime is a serverless compute platform provided by Cloudflare that runs at the edge of the network. It allows developers to deploy serverless functions closer to end-users, reducing latency and improving performance. Key features include:

2. Edge Runtime

The Edge runtime typically refers to the environment or runtime execution context at the edge of a network. Cloudflare's Edge runtime specifically refers to the computing environment where serverless functions are executed on Cloudflare's global network of edge servers. In edge runtime, not all nodejs modules are available. It encompasses:

3. Node.js Runtime

Node.js runtime refers to the runtime environment for executing JavaScript code outside of a web browser. Key features include:


Published on: Jul 08, 2024, 03:22 AM  


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