setting up iOS automation using appium

You can follow below steps to set up the Appium environment in Mac OS X. You can install from and start the server from GUI. It’s that simple. But you can install the appium from command line as well. You will need below software tools
  • Mac OSX 10.7 or higher
  • Xcode - 4.6.3 (Note that Xcode also installs the simulators like iPhone, iPad ect)
  • Command line build tools from within Xcode –
  • Java
Here are the commands to install node and appium.
brew install node
npm install -g appium
appium &

To uninstall appium, use below command.
npm uninstall -g appium

To kill the appium server, use below command
ps aux | grep appium
kill -9 <process id>

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