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tips from IIT toppers to crack JEE exam

Here are some tips that will be very useful for students preparing for IIT exam!

Vavilala Chidvilas Reddy - 2023 Topper

He recommends books like HC Verma for physics and S.L.Loney for Mathematics

R K Shishir - 2022 Topper

  • He recommends these books - NCERT, galaxy book for physics, Introduction to mechanics by david kleppner, introduction to organic chemistry by peter sykes
  • He also recommends solving previous year papers!

Mridul Agarwal - 2021 Topper

  • Solve mock paper
  • Books - Physics Galaxy by Ashish Arora, Advanced problems in Physical Chemistry by Neeraj Kumar, Elementary Problems in Organic Chemistry by M.S.Chouhan, Problems in Inorganic Chemistry for JEE by VK Jaiswal, DC Pandey series for physics, Problems in physics by IE Irodov, SS Krotov, Physical chemistry by N Awasthi, Cengage series for Maths, Black book for Maths, University Physics by Young and Freedman, Physics for JEE Advanced by Resnick, Halliday, and Walker, Advanced problems in mathematics for JEE by Vikas Gupta

Chirag Falor - 2020 Topper

Chirag did not attend IIT but instead went to MIT, US. You can see what books and resources he used to prepare for JEE exam at https://chiragfalor.in/JEE/JEEresources.html

Gupta kartikey chandresh - 2019 Topper

He advises students to keep away from social media

Pranav goyal - 2018 Topper

  • Solved mock tests and sample papers
  • Solved last 10 year papers
  • H.C.Verma for Physics, Pradeep’s Books for Chemistry and Physics Theory, Solomon & Fryhlefor Organic Chemistry!
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