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Nuclear force, electric force and gravitation force with example

Nuclear Force

  • Nuclear force, also known as the strong force or strong nuclear force, is one of the fundamental forces in nature that acts within the nucleus of an atom.
  • It is responsible for binding protons and neutrons together in the nucleus, overcoming the electrostatic repulsion between positively charged protons.
  • Nuclear force is a short-range force, acting only over very small distances within the nucleus.
  • It is a fundamental force in the Standard Model of particle physics.

Example of Nuclear Force

  • In a helium-4 nucleus (alpha particle), there are two protons and two neutrons. The nuclear force is what holds these particles together in a stable configuration. The strong force is stronger than the electrostatic repulsion between protons, allowing the nucleus to remain intact.

Electric Force

  • Electric force, also known as electrostatic force, is the force of attraction or repulsion between charged particles, such as electrons and protons.
  • It is governed by Coulomb's law, which states that like charges (e.g., positive-positive or negative-negative) repel each other, while opposite charges (e.g., positive-negative) attract each other.
  • Electric force is a long-range force, acting over distances, and it is responsible for many phenomena in nature, including the behavior of atoms and molecules.

Example of Electric Force

  • In an atom, the negatively charged electrons are attracted to the positively charged nucleus by the electric force. This force keeps electrons in their orbits around the nucleus.

Gravitational Force:

  • Gravitational force is the attractive force between two objects with mass. It is proportional to the product of their masses and inversely proportional to the square of the distance between them.
  • It is the force responsible for the gravitational attraction between all objects with mass, such as planets, stars, and everyday objects on Earth.
  • Gravitational force is a long-range force and is the weakest of the fundamental forces.

Example of Gravitational Force

  • The gravitational force between the Earth and an object on its surface is what gives objects weight. For example, when you drop an apple, it falls to the ground due to the gravitational attraction between the Earth and the apple.
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