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If you have a business related to indian stitching tailoring services in bunbury, you can post free ad on this page right here!!.

Your business will generally provide below products/services!!
  • Clothing Alterations
  • Hemming and Length Adjustments
  • Taking In or Letting Out Seams
  • Waistband Adjustments
  • Sleeve Shortening or Lengthening
  • Tapering and Slimming
  • Patching and Mending
  • Button Replacement
  • Zipper Repair or Replacement
  • Clothing Resizing
  • Custom Fitting and Measurements
  • Tailoring Formal Wear (Suits, Tuxedos, Dresses)
  • Dressmaking and Garment Construction
  • Bridal and Wedding Dress Alterations
  • Prom and Special Occasion Dress Alterations
  • Custom Dress Design and Creation
  • Repurposing and Upcycling Clothing
  • Creating Matching Accessories (Ties, Scarves, Belts)
  • Adding Embellishments (Sequins, Beads, Lace)
  • Personalized Embroidery and Monogramming
  • Clothing Restoration
  • Leather and Suede Alterations
  • Costume Design and Alterations
  • Curtain and Drapery Hemming and Alterations
  • Household Textile Repairs (Pillows, Cushions)
  • Advice on Style and Fit
  • Providing Fabric and Material Recommendations
  • Collaborating with Clients on Design Ideas
  • Restyling and Modernizing Vintage Clothing
  • Ensuring Proper Fit and Comfort
  • Quality Check and Finishing Touches
  • Wedding Gown Preservation
  • Creating Patches and Badges
  • Sewing Uniforms and Workwear
  • Collaborating with Designers and Brands

How do I post my Ad?

You can show your ad on this page for free by going to below link!!