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My backyard gardening journey in Brisbane - 2023

18 Sep 2023

I observed today that Avocado plant has started fruiting!! Around 5 tiny avocadoes are slowly growing! Hopefully none of them will drop!! I am excited to taste the first avocado from the plant! Cuttings of Curry leaves and Guava are growing very well!!

22 August 2023

  • Today, weather is kind of mix of warm and cold. Winter is gradually subsiding.
  • I sold 3 long bottlegourd seedlings today. Seeds were sown on 1 August 2023.
  • I also sold mogra cuttings. Cuttings were transferred to pot today itself So I am not sure they will grow.
  • I have also transferred the mogra cuttings to pot containing Drumstick cuttings.
  • Fruiting was seen on Mango plant and Avocado flower started opening.

21 August 2023

  • Today I pruned drumstick tree and put cuttings in pot. Aloe vera was used as a rooting harmone.

16 August 2023

  • Today we sowed various seeds like carrot, brinjal, bitter gourd, bhendi (lady's finger), tomato of 2 types, Ridged gourd, gavar (cluster beans).

13 August 2023

  • Today I planted cuttings of avocado and lime tree.
  • Plastic containers were used as a mini greenhouse.
  • Lot of blossom was seen on grafted mango plant and avocado plant

1 Aug 2023

  • Grafted mango plant and avocado plant have started flowering.
Published on: Aug 22, 2023, 09:17 AM  
 Updated on: Sep 18, 2023, 08:44 AM


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