Make videos and upload them on Youtube

We will see below topics in this section.
  • Inspirational Examples of Youtubers
  • Choosing the topic for YouTube channel
  • Hardware tools - Laptop, Microphone
  • Uploading the videos - title, description, end screens
  • Tips to make viral videos
  • Monetization of Channel - Adsense account, Paid content, Promotions
  • Growing Youtube channel - Youtube Creator Meet ups, Social Media Marketing
  • Subscriber engagement - Comments, Meet ups
  • Youtube Awards

Inspirational Youtubers

Here is the list of prominent Hindi youtubers who saw exponential growth.Here is the list of prominent Marathi youtubers who saw exponential growth.

Choosing the topic for YouTube channel

There are several categories of youtube channels as listed down below.
  • Driving and riding - bike, bus, car, JCB - Mumbiker Nikhil
  • Body building and martial arts, Yoga - Muscle Tv
  • Comedy - prank videos, Carry Minati, Ashish Chanchlani, Harsh Beniwal, Amit Bhadana, Pandurang Waghmare
  • Daily VLogs - Flying Beast, Travel vlog - JKV, Property vlog
  • Cooking and restaurant reviews - village cooking channel
  • Business - fishing, Water Pump, clothes - any business
  • Home and Gardening or farming - Interior, planting, seeds
  • Educational tutorials and how to - HSC, SSC, BCOM, Engineering, law, Karale sir, World Affairs, StudyIQ, Khan Sir, Apni Kaksha, Physics Wallah
  • Analysis - Dhruv Rathi, Nitish Rajput
  • News - lallantop, Bollywood, Business, Startup, Car, bikes, Mobile, TV, World, India, Politics, Cricket, Films, Celebrity, Sports
  • Interviews - Satish K Videos, RanveerAlhabadia
  • Stocks and crypto
  • Digital Marketing
  • Construction - how to build house, buildings, apartments
  • Review - amazon products, gadgets, car, bike
  • Facts - Science and technology
  • Motivational channel
  • Self Help video
  • Meditation Channel
  • Exams - HSC, IIT, CBSE, UPSC, MPSC, Bank officers, NDA, SSB or any other exams
  • Soft skills - English language, communication skills
  • Animals - cats, dogs, pets, snake catching

Hardware tools - Laptop, Microphone

You need laptop, microphone, camera/mobile phone, video editing software. You may hire vide editors to edit videos because video editing (Recording and post production) is very time consuming process.

Uploading the videos - title, description, end screens

Once video is ready, prepare eye catching thumbnail and title. Also do not forget to add the description and sub titles etc. Also Add the video in playlist. You can also divide the video in sections and put the end screen.

Monetization of Channel - Adsense account, Sponsorships

To monetize the videos on your channel, you will need to apply for adsense account after your channel gets 1000 subscribers and 4000 watch hours in last 1 year. You can also earn money via super thanks, memberships and third party sponsorships.

Growing Youtube channel - Youtube Creator Meet ups, Social Media Marketing

Share videos on your social media accounts and also build community. Conduct meetups. Engage subscribers by replying to comments and asking them for content ideas and suggestions.

Youtube Awards

Once your channel starts growing, your channel becomes eligible for special features like custom thumbnail, monetisation, super thanks etc. You also get silver button once you reach 100000 subscriber milestone and then gold button once you reach 1 million subscriber milestone.

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