Welcome to Youtube Tutorial

In this tutorial, you will learn below topics.
  • Introduction to Youtube
  • Choosing the Camera - Things to consider when buying a camera, Smartphone, Camera guide, Point & Shoot Camera, DSLR camera (Nikon D3200), Things to consider when buying Drones, Comparison of drones, Action cameras, Camcorders, Comparison of Camcorders with DSLR cameras, Vlogging camera , Best camera to buy
  • DSLR tutorial - Basics, DSLR components (Lens, Sensor, Mirror, Viewfinder, Display), Exposure triangle, Modes and scene modes (A,P,S,M), Reading the screen information, White balance, Image File size and other settings, Movie settings, Audio settings, Types of Camera lens, Focal length (Field of view/ Angle of view), Depth of field (blurry background), Bokeh effect, Flash, Metering, Exposure compensation, Focus points and Focusing mode, Still photography, Motion photography.
  • Camera accessories - tripods, lights, Things to consider when buying lens, Types of Camera lens, Yellow backdrop, White Board for Youtube videos, Memory Storage, Batteries
  • Filming the video - Script
  • Video editing tools - Video editing tools on MAC (iMovie, Camtasia, Adobe Premier, Filmora, Final cut pro), Video editing tools on Windows (Windows Moviemaker, Powerdirector, Camtasia, Adobe Premier, Sony Vegas, Filmora), Comparison of video editing tools.
  • Laptop screen recorder - Adding click sounds, Setting dimensions, Recording video simultaneously
  • Video editing - Video attributes(Quality, bit rate, Aspect ratio, frame rate), Effects, Transitions, Titles and Text, Particles, Mask, Chroma Key, Animations
  • Audio editing - Audio attributes(Channels, bit rate, frequency), Removing the background noise, Adding background music, Changing the volume, Voice over
  • Thumbnails for your videos - Paint.Net, Adobe Photoshop, Cyberlink Photodirector

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