Adobe After Effects GUI

Main window is called as application window. Main window contains many panels in a specific way and it is called as a workspace. Panels can be grouped in 2 ways - stacked and tabbed way. 3 Important panels in Adobe After Effects v22.0.0 are
  • Project Panel - Used to manage assets and all compositions in a project. You can also create new composition from this panel and edit project and render settings.
  • Composition Panel - You can preview the compositions here. Some important settings that are available in this panel are - magnification ratio popup, resolution pop up, Fast preview settings, Toggle transperency grid, Toggle mask visibility, Region of Interest, grid and guide options, Channel and color management settings.
  • Timeline Panel - Arrange media assets in layers here. You can add image, video, shape, text etc in layers. This panels contains other panes like layer switches pane, Transfer controls pane, In/out/duration/stretch panes, Renderer time pane.

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