Built in tasks in gradle

Here is the list of built-in tasks supported by gradle.
  • Build tasks – assemble, build, buildDependents, buildNeeded, classes, clean, jar, testClasses, compileJava, compileTestJava, processResources
  • Build setup – init, wrapper
  • Documentation – javadoc
  • help – components, dependencies, dependencyInsight, help, model, projects, properties, tasks
  • Verification – check, test
Now let us see what is the purpose of each task mentioned above.
  • assemble – Assembles the outputs of this project. Creates a jar for the project
  • build – Assembles and tests this project. It is actually a combination of 2 tasks- assemble, check
  • buildDependents – builds this project and all projects that depend on it.
  • compileJava – Compiles Java source files.
  • processResources – Processes main resources
  • classes – Assembles source classes. It depends on compileJava and processResources
  • jar – Creates a jar containing source files
  • compileTestJava – Compiles test files
  • processTestResources – Processes test resources
  • testClasses – Assembles test classes. It depends on compileJava, processResources, classes, compileTestJava, processTestResources
  • init – Initializes a new Gradle build
  • wrapper – Generates Gradle wrapper files
  • javadoc – Generates documentation for source files.
  • components – Displays the components produced by root project
  • dependencies – Displays all dependencies declared in root project
  • dependencyInsight – Displays the insight into a specific dependency in root project
  • help – Displays a help message.
  • model – Displays the configuration model of root project
  • projects – Displays the sub-projects of root project
  • properties – Displays the properties of root project like build directory, tasks information, project directory, documentation directory etc
  • tasks – Displays the tasks of root project
  • test – Runs the unit tests
  • check – Runs all checks including unit tests and any verification specified by plugins.

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