Introduction to cucumber

Cucumber is the BDD (Behavior driven development) testing framework. Key things to note about Cucumber are –
  • Open source BDD testing framework.
  • Cross platform framework.
  • Tests are written in various languages like English, French, German and many more using Gherkin Syntax.
  • We can write the tests in various programming languages like Ruby, JRuby, PHP, Java, Jython, Groovy, Javascript, Clojure, Gosu, Lua, .Net, PHP, C++ and TCL
  • Integrates very well with CI servers like Jenkins and TeamCity
  • Reports can be generated in HTML, JSON, JUnit style
  • Capybara – the testing framework – is a part of Cucumber
  • Integrates very well with frameworks like Selenium, Appium, Spring, Watir, Ruby on Rails etc.

Web development and Automation testing

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