Network commands in Windows Powershell

Here is the list of Network Commands in Windows Powershell

  1. Test-Connection : This command tests the connection with specific computer by sending pings. This command is similar to “ping” command.
  2. ipconfig – This command displays IP addresses and physical addresses of each network interface.
  3. getmac – This command displays the physical addresses of each network interface.
  4. Send-MailMessage : This command sends an email message. You need to provide SMTP server details to be able to send an email message.
  5. HostName : This command displays the name of computer.
  6. Resolve-DNSName : This command looks up DNS records for specific host.
  7. Netstat : This command shows all network connections.
  8. FTP : This command lets you connect to remote host using FTP protocol.
  9. Telnet : This command lets you login to system remotely.

Invoke-WebRequest and Invoke-RestMethod

You can send also create a web request using below command.

Invoke-RestMethod -Body $R

Invoke-WebRequest -Body $R

Resolve-DNSName command



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