Windows Powershell Commands

Welcome to this tutorial on Windows Powershell commands.

You will learn below topics in this tutorial.

  1. Introduction to Powershell
  2. Basic Syntax and Commands
  3. Managing History of Powershell Commands
  4. Cmdlet, Alias, Function and Module in Powershell
  5. Getting information – PSDrive
  6. Profile in Windows Powershell
  7. Variable Management in Powershell
  8. Passing values to parameters from file
  9. File System Management – Creating files and directories, Basic File System commands
  10. Text Processing – Finding the patterns in files, Unique command, Replacing patterns in files
  11. Working with objects – Comparing objects, Sorting objects, Other object commands, Getting members of an Object
  12. Process  and Job Management – Managing processes, Managing Jobs
  13. IO redirection and Piping
  14. System Commands
  15. Network commands
  16. Service Commands
  17. WMI and CIM – WMI(Windows Management Instrumentation), CIM (Common Information Model)
  18. Formatting output and exporting output
  19. XML processing Powershell
  20. Module Management
  21. Remote computer management
  22. Advanced Concepts – Powershell Management, Event log and tracing, Object Management, Providers in Powershell, Wsman in Powershell, Other commands