Design a website with cool plug-ins

In this article, I will explain you all things, you will need to get started with designing a website including web hosting and domain name.

Before getting in to website designing, you need to buy the custom domain name (e.g. and Buy the hosting plan from hosting providers like or

I prefer because it is very popular and provides lots of features like dedicated IP, integration with content management systems(CMS), security certificates and so on.

Then next step is to start designing the website. You can design websites in 2 ways.

  1. Manual design – If you know HTML and CSS, you can start creating HTML pages and publish. I would recommend this option only if you are expert developer.
  2. Using Content management systems like wordpress, Joomla etc

I will recommend you to use wordpress for designing your website as it is the most popular CMS in the world.

How to install wordpress from control panel?

You can easily install wordpress from control panel of any hosting provider very easily. I am going to explain you how to use GoDaddy control panel. You can also set up FTP and email accounts for your website as well.

How to use wordpress admin dashboard?

I am assuming that you have installed the wordpress. Then you need to go to wp-admin page of your website and log in. For example, on this website, I can go to and login as admin. Once I login successfully, I can configure the wordpress and also add various plug-ins as well.