UFT Tutorial

In this tutorial on HP – UFT, you will learn below topics.

  1. Introduction to UFT
  2. Installation of UFT
  3. UFT GUI
  4. Recording the application
  5. Directory structure and file extension of UFT test
  6. Basic UFT concepts – Actions, Check Points, GetROProperty, Output Values, Transactions
  7. Object Spy
  8. Test Settings – Test Settings Properties,  Test Run Settings, Resources, Environment, Java, Mobile Hybrid, Web, Recovery, Log Tracking, Local System Monitor Associating library files, Difference between QFL and VBS file
  9. Object Identification mechanism
  10. Object Management in UFT – Object repository and Object repository Manager, Associating repositories with UFT testsDescription programming
  11. Utility objects in UFT – SystemUtil, Datatable, Crypt, Description, DotNetFactory, Extern, OptionalStep, PathFinder, MercuryTimer, RandomNumber, Recovery, ReporterRepositoriesCollectionTextUtil, XmlUtil, Desktop object in UFT
  12. Launching applicationsLoading ini file,  Associating library files, Difference between QFL and VBS file
  13. Automating web applications, automating Windows applications
  14. Error handling – Err object, Recovery Scenarios
  15. VBScript Stuff – Variables, Data Type Conversion, Arrays, FileSystemObject, Handling Databases, Strings, Date and Time, Regular Expression, Classes, Mathematical operations
  16. Working with Excel files – Create new Excel workbook file, Read and Edit Excel workbook, Delete excel workbook file
  17. Frameworks in UFT
  18. Launching the UFT using Script
  19. Comparison of UFT – UFT Vs Selenium, UFT Vs Appium, UFT vs LeanFT
  20. Limitations and drawbacks of UFT