Running builds in TeamCity

When we create the new build configuration in the project, it is displayed in the project overview tab.
You can do below tasks on project overview tab.
  1. We can kick off build by clicking the run button next to it. The running build is marked with revolving green icon.
  2. We can also view how long it will take to finish the build run.
  3. We can stop the running build by clicking on the stop button next to it.
  4. If there are multiple builds in the project, you can run only one build at a time with one build agent.
  5. If you try to run other build, it is put into the end of build queue if there are not enough build agents available.But if you want to put the build on the top of the queue, you can do that by editing the build queue. In fact, you can re-order the builds in build queue as you like.

Run build in TeamCity

You can also run the customized builds as shown in below image. We can run build on priority and on specific agent with extra parameters.

Run customised build in TeamCity

Run customised build in TeamCity

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