Selenium webdriver with Node.js

Welcome to this tutorial on Selenium webdriver with Node.js. You will learn below topics in this tutorial.

  1. Introduction to Selenium Webdriver
  2. Introduction to Node.js
  3. Installation and Environment set up
  4. NPM – Package Manage for Node.js
  5. Directory layout of Selenium Webdriver Node.js package
  6. Launching browsers with Desired Capabilities – Chrome, Chrome with options, Chrome in Mobile EmulationIE, Firefox, Safari, Microsoft Edge, HTML Unit
  7. Element Identification – Element identification methods, Advanced XPATH expressions, Advanced CSS selectors
  8. Assertions in Selenium in Node.js
  9. Interacting with elements in Selenium in Node.js
  10. Basic Browser window automationSending keys in Selenium in Node.js
  11. Synchronization in SeleniumCheck if Element exists
  12. Working with Tables using Selenium
  13. Performing advanced actions using Selenium in Node.js
  14. Executing JavaScript in Selenium in Node.js
  15. Switching contexts – Working with multiple Browser Windows or tabsWorking with multiple framesHandling alerts
  16. Common exceptions in Selenium
  17. Frameworks in Selenium – Taking a screenshot in selenium, Mocha – Unit testing framework, Logging framework, Framework Utilities, Integration with BDD framework like Jasmine
  18. Selenium grid
  19. Event Listeners in Selenium
  20. Continuous integration with CI servers – TeamCity, Jenkins, Bamboo