Things to look for while buying any camera e.g. DSLR

Every camera has got certain specifications and parts. For example – Sensor of the camera is the most expensive part of the camera. DSLR cameras come with body only or with kit lenses. Here is the list of things that you need to keep in mind while buying any camera.

  1. Sensor size and type – Full-frame sensors are of the same size as 35 mm film (24×36 mm). Low end DSLR cameras have APS-C sized (22×15 mm) sensors. Bigger the sensor means better image quality. Bigger sensors are generally costlier.
  2. Mega pixels available – It determines the print size. Bigger Resolution means bigger picture. More megapixel does not mean that you will get better quality. Camera with lower megapixel rating will actually perform better in low light. High mega pixel matter only when you need to print the larger picture for hoarding board. So do not be fooled by high mega pixel count. Entry level Nikon D3200 has 24MP sensor So cost wise also megapixels do not matter.
  3. Lens
  4. Mirror
  5. Size and Weight
  6. Video Mode & recording format, Recording limit in minutes
  7. External Microphone
  8. Zoom capability
  9. Auto focus capability especially while recording and can recording can be paused?
  10. Lens can be changed?
  11. HDMI output
  12. Wifi enabled
  13. GPS enabled?
  14. Shutter speed, ISO and Aperture can be changed?
  15. Depth of field effect can be created?
  16. External Memory card
  17. Data transfer cable
  18. Image stabilization
  19. Viewfinder
  20. Live view Display with with or without Flip screen
  21. Timer
  22. Sensor controller
  23. Price

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