IP address – IP4 vs IP6, MAC vs IP

Important things about IP address

  1. Ip address is a 32 bit number (2^32/4294967296) that is used to identify each system connected to internet uniquely. It is a logical address.
  2. IANA – Internet assigned number authority, five regional Internet registries (RIRs) and ISPs control the way these IP addresses are used. ISPs like Dodo, Telstra, Jio, BSNL, AT&T, Verizon buy the IP addresses and assign to each computer connected to their network
  3. There are 2 types of IP addresses static and dynamic. Dynamic address are used from reserved private address block e.g.
  4. There is a special ip address – loopback address – This is your local server’s IP address
  5. Due to huge growth of internet, ip4 addresses were not enough..so IP6 with 128 bit was introduced. It supports 2^128 addresses
  6. difference between MAC address (Data-link-layer) and IP address (Network layer)
  7. You can use “ipconfig /all” command in windows command prompt to get ip address and mac address
  8. Ping command can be used to find the ip address of any domain name.

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