Database Testing in MySQL

It is very important to perform complete database testing.

You can test below things while doing database testing.

  1. Data Mapping – We can verify that data entered in application UI is properly being saved in correct columns.
  2. We can also test that CRUD (Create, Retrieve, Update, Delete) actions are working correctly.
  3. We can also test ACID properties of database.
  4. We can also test Data Integrity.
  5. We can also test Business Rules.

Database testing also involves testing below things.

  1. Verification of default values, unique value constraints.
  2. Verification of triggers
  3. Verification of procedures and functions.
  4. Verification of queries involving NULL values.
  5. Verification of Referential Integrity.
  6. Verification of the user roles and privileges.
  7. Verification of transactions Rollbacks and savepoints.

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