Best mobile phones to buy in India in 2017

In below table, you will find all high quality mobile phones that you can buy in India in 2017. This list is updated every month.

Samsung Chinese Models – Huawei/Xiaomi/ Lenovo (Motorola) / Gionee/BBK Electronics
(Oppo /Vivo/ Oneplus)
Microsoft/ Asus/ Nokia
/LG/ Blackberry/ Google/  Indian
(Micromax/ Karbon
Intex /Xolo)
up to 7k Samsung Galaxy J2 SM-J200G/DD (7k) Redmi 4a – Gold – 32 GB(7k)   NA
7k-15k Samsung Galaxy A3 – Champagne Gold, 16GB (13k)

Samsung Galaxy J5 Prime – Black – 32GB (13.5k)

Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime 32GB (15k)

Oppo A37 (10k)

Redmi 4 – Gold – 64GB(11k)

Redmi Note 4 – 4GB – 64GB (15k)


16k-35k Samsung A7 2016 Dual Sim SM-A710FZKFINS (17.5k)

Samsung Galaxy J7 Max – 32GB (18k)

Mi Max 2 – 64 GB (17k)

Moto Z2 Play (27k)

OnePlus 5 (33k)

Huawei Honor 8 Pro (30k)

Asus Zenfone Zoom S (Rs 27k)

LG V20 (32k)

iPhone 5S (17k)

iPhone SE (21k)

iPhone 6 (25k)


36k onwards Samsung Galaxy S8(58k – Specs)

Samsung Galaxy S8+(65k – Specs)

Note 8(68k)

 Mi Mix 2 (37k – Specs)   LG G6 (37k)

HTCU11 ( 51k )

Pixel 2 (Specs) and Pixel 2 XL(Specs) by Google

iPhone 6S (38k)

iPhone 7 (47k – Specs)

iPhone 7 plus (62k – Specs)

iPhone 8 (70k – Specs)

iPhone 8 Plus (74k – Specs)

iPhone X (99k – Specs)

Mobile phone manufacturers acros the globe

  1. Samsung – Galaxy S, Galaxy Note
  2. Xiomi – Mi, Mi Note, Redmi
  3. Apple – Iphone series
  4. Huawei – Mate, Honor
  5. Google – Nexus, Pixel
  6. BBK Electronics (Oppo/Vivo/Oneplus) – oneplus

How to choose the best phone?

Mobile phone competition is heating up day by day. Many phones are coming in the market. Consumers have lots of options at their disposal. You can get a phone starting from 500 Rs. (e.g Jio phone) to 99k (e.g. iPhone X). As per my opinion, you should choose the phone that suits your needs.

If you need the phone just for making calls, you can go for Jio Phone. But now a days, even people from rural areas need latest Android applications like Whatsapp, Facebook etc. You will not get these apps in cheapest phone. If you need to use popular apps, you can go for the phones ranging from 3k – 7k. Again if you are fine with small display, you will have many mobile phone options. In phones costing around 7k, you will not get ultimate performance, battery and storage. So if you do not use phone to shoot your videos, take pictures, 7k phones will be ideal for you.

If you need more storage and better performance, you can get the phone ranging from 7k – 15k. In this range, you will have better Storage and AMOLED display. You can also shoot videos with better quality.

If you have a high budget, you can go for phones ranging from 15k- 35k. In this range, you will get excellent storage capacity. Some phones offer 64GB of storage. You will also get better camera and processor chipset.

Some phones will cost you above 35k. But these phones will also offer excellent performance, better camera and more security features. These phones are targeted towards premium consumer segment. Some of the well known phones in this segment are given below.

Sometimes, people end up buying the high end phones even though they do not need the features provided in those phones. Some people buy these expensive phones just as status symbol which I highly disagree.

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