Managing packages using Homebrew

In Ubuntu, we use apt-get command to install debian packages(dpkg). In Red Hat Linux, we use yum command to install RPM packages. Similarly, In Mac OS X, we use brew command to install Homebrew packages. Homebrew ( is the most popular package manager used in Mac OS X terminal.

Installing Homebrew

To install Homebrew on your Mac OS system, you can use below command.

/usr/bin/ruby -e “$(curl -fsSL”

Once above command is completed, you can use below command to check if home brew is installed or not successfully.

brew doctor

Searching packages using Homebrew

brew search <package-name>

Downloading and installing packages using Homebrew

You can use below command to download and install any package.

brew install <package-name>

Deleting package using Homebrew

To delete any package, you can use below command.

brew remove name

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