LeanFT in Java – Tutorial

In this LeanFT tutorial, we will look at below topics.

  1. Basics – IntroductionSupported applications
  2. Installation – Installation of LeanFT and plugins for IDEs , Installing browser Extensions
  3. Getting Started – LeanFT settings, License types in LeanFT
  4. Core Concepts –  Object identification CenterUnderstanding LeanFT SDK API
  5. New LeanFT project in IntelliJ IDEA – Installing the LeanFT jar files in Maven Repository,  Creating LeanFT Maven Project, Creating LeanFT Project with Gradle and TestNGLeanFT PropertiesSetting up LeanFT project in IntelliJ IDEA
  6. LeanFT Project in Eclipse – Creating maven project with JUnit with LeanFT in Eclipse, Creating maven project with TestNG in Eclipse
  7. Object Identification and Management – Description programming, Application model, Using regular expression in property values
  8. Automating Web applications – First web application testIdentifying the Web elements using XPATH and CSS, Identifying objects using Visual Relational Identifiers – VRI, Handling embedded browser control in Windows app, Firing events on Web Elements using LeanFT, Executing JavaScript in web page
  9. Automating windows applications – Automating standard windows applicationAutomating Java Application,  Automating WPF applicationsAutomating SAP Application
  10. Synchronization – Synchronization in LeanFT
  11. Assertions and Reports – Assertions in LeanFT, Generating reports with screenshots and recordings
  12. LeanFT Frameworks – LeanFT with Cucumber, Keyword Driven frameworks, Data Driven Frameworks
  13. Converting the UFT Object Repository to Application models in LeanFT
  14. Integrating the LeanFT tests with CI servers like Bamboo, Jenkins and TeamCity
  15. Challenges and Solutions – Challenges of LeanFT automation,  Working with third party objects using Native Object properties and methods
  16. LeanFT common issues and solutions
  17. Comparing LeanFT with other tools – Difference between HP UFT and LeanFT,  Comparison of LeanFT with Selenium and Ranorex
  18. LeanFT Java References